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Switching to 5G plan

Mayor / Maire

So I'm looking at switching to the $34 x 3 $102 90 day plan. Why not, pretty good deal. Since its' 5G and unlimited data after the 150GB data bucket is empty, am I to assume the last several years of More The Merrier free data will disappear? Or will it be used after I hit the 150GB data bucket? I'm sure the INTL minutes will stay so I'm not too worried about that.


Honestly, I don't even use the 30GB I have now. The account I had before was only 5GB and I rarely used that. However, since I switched to the 30GB 4G plan, I started getting into fitness and I play Apple Lossless music and that takes a nice chunk every day. Truthfully, I REALLY doubt I'll ever use 150GB in 90 days but eh, never say never right? Plus I have my 30GB 5G on my Telus account as well. LOL.


@Chalupa_Batman , do you think you can work down the 150GB every 90 days?  The unlimited throttled data is actually quite usable and it is every bit as good as 3G speed data.  I have had a taste of it for a few days.  

Mayor / Maire

@Chalupa_Batman   The bonus data becomes "incompatible" but stays on the plan until such time as you switch back to a plan where they are compatible, presumably a non-unlimited one.  So not lost but unusable while on the 5G unlimited plan.  Yes the international minutes stay.

Mayor / Maire

You WON'T be able to use the more the merrier data add-ons, @Chalupa_Batman .    But they will stay on your account should you drop down to 4G again.

You WILL STILL have the international minutes, though.

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