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Students: here's a plan for you

Mayor / Maire


$55 (Limited Time offer)

20GB "4G Speed" data

unlimited Canada-wide minutes

unlimited International texts (and text attachments)\

3x Points-back (15% for 12 months, with conditions)


This is definitely a great deal compared vs the rest of PM's plan offerings. And anyone can buy it, not just students.


I realize students will tend to be young people addicted to youtube, twitch, tiktok, discord, online games, social media, endless webpages filled with little data-eating mouseover video boxes. Not to mention school-related online research and courses and projects, lol. They can never get enough data, it's always spent quickly, with only a trickle of sustenance stretched out over the last few days (or weeks) each month.

So, yes, students benefit from lots of data. "4G Speed" is really just a bonus, I don't personally think they really need it but "3G Speed" is for dinosaurs and probably wouldn't sell well.


But $55 phone plan seems a little out of reach for many students.


Many will have affluent families, a nice set up, a little allowance to burn. But guess what? They aren't going to subscribe to Public Mobile. They're going to go elsewhere because they want the latest-and-greatest iPhone/Galaxy flagship in their pocket - that Public Mobile doesn't sell. And they want all the latest commodity techs - 5G data, VoLTE, eSIM - that Public Mobile doesn't support. They'll get their parents to pay for better plans from somewhere else.


And many will not be so fortunate. They're going to work one or two part-time jobs after school. They're going to struggle with rent and slowly starve themselves on a cheap garbage Mister Noodle diet. They're going to sneak into school computer labs and leech off friends and endure free public WiFi hotspots to get their data. $55 is just too much for a luxury they can't afford to buy.


And of course many will fall somewhere between. Along a spectrum instead of at polar extremes.

But seriously - I don't see how this plan is going to appeal to real students.


Might as well call it the "Fall Promo" it really is.


Great Neighbour / Super Voisin


Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

This is great

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

This is great, thanks!



$55 - 20GB Student plan is no longer offering. 


But good news, the same 20GB plan is now only $45!!!  You don't see it on PM's Plan page , but it is available when you activate new account or change plan for existing accounts. (If you have $55-20GB now, you might want to make a schedule plan change to this cheaper but same data limit plan using "Change plan on renewal date")

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

For me, as a student, this is an acceptable plan. Of course I would like to have 5G speed, but 4G suits me too. And 20 gigabytes should be enough for a month.

@OmarBeery wrote:

Another good plan, thank you!

This plan is no longer being offered.

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

That is another good plan. Thank you! That is why I adore online facilities for students. They are free and available for everyone who realizes how to search for ways to avoid wasting personal time on too much homework. Likewise, I found to make my student life easier and make time for a part-time job. The large database of free essay samples for college offers me the possibility to learn how to write a paper correctly and to ensure my A-grades.

@Henrybrunelle- Public does not run on esims. They are still just physical sim.

So true, we don't want the dividend to be threatened.

@will13am wrote:

... If I was a student today, I would not be spending frivolously on mobile data.  



But the Big Three have it all planned out for consumers. We're expected to happily pay them $35+ for basic plans, $60+ for better plans, $100+ for full plans. Even those of us who are half-broke half-starving students.


If they charge us anything less and they can't brag about increased ARPUs and increased profit margins to their shareholders.


I don't want to date myself but when I was a student, this kind of money would go a long way in the budget.  If I was a student today, I would not be spending frivolously on mobile data.  

Mayor / Maire

Oh, I think this is a good offer @Korth . I believe there are frugal/cost consciousness members that would take advantage of this, at least try it for a period of time anyhow.

There are 'family' plans...and by this, I mean, groups of members linked with one another that others manage kids/or others accounts within the 'family' or circle.


Perhaps this will a temporary 'back to school' perk for someone. Hey, keep your grades up maybe we'll keep that plan for you.  Ya never know. 😄

Mayor / Maire

Hi @Korth 


this could be a 22GB plan for the first 12 months


I believe someone reported they added this code during activation and got the "check mark" , meaning good



But $55 phone plan seems a little out of reach for many students.


Ha, many students will rater save on lunch money than save on mobile date  🙂

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