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Stuck in the middle with a port from PC Mobile - both sims working.

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Long term PM subscriber here. Trying to help my Dad port over from PC Mobile to PM because he gets no cell signal from PC Mobile at his house and I get a good signal from Public there.

We've been trying for a couple of weeks to sign him up with Public and keep his old number.

  1. He has purchased a Public Mobile sim and activated it. August 21 I believe.
  2. He tried to port over from PC Mobile and it got stuck? The web said to sign up with a different number and then port over his old number to PC. He tried to do that but he's not sure if he got a new number - he didn't write it down if he did.
  3. He went through the process to port over his old number from PC Mobile. PC Mobile asked for a confirmatory text and he replied Yes to that.
  4. Public Mobile then sent him a text asking if he wanted the number ported over and he replied "1" to that as instructed.
  5. When he logs on to PC Mobile web interface, it now shows his old PC Mobile # (that he wanted ported over) so it looks like the port is complete.
  6. He now seems to be stuck in the middle with both sim cards working/partly working:
    1. When he inserts the PC Mobile sim card, he can send texts which show as coming from his old PC Mobile number and I can reply back with my phone and he gets those texts (I had data tuned off to force SMS texting). He can also make calls, which show up on the call display as his old #. He can access data with this PC Mobile sim card. So this sim seems to be working completely still.
    2. When he inserts the Public Mobile sim card, he CAN send texts which also show as coming from his old PC Mobile number and I can reply back with my phone and he receives those texts. HE CANNOT MAKE CALLS, so I cannot see if calls would be identified with either his old number or the temporary number. He CAN access data with this PC Mobile sim card.
  7. He has tried with the chat several times and it keeps telling him to get a "ticket", but when he clicks on that link and then enters his information, it just comes back with "Oops, system not working, try later". He's tried later at least 5 times.

I've searched the help threads on this and found a bunch of other folks with similar problems, some relate getting fixed (presumably by a tech) but no information on how it got fixed. 

So, how do we finish this process so that his old PC Mobile account is closed (& presumably the PC Mobile sim would stop working) and, more importantly, his Public Mobile sim starts working for calls? We've tried everything we can think since August 21.

Many thanks in advance,


Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

Hello @CrapService2 , From what I'm reading, I don't think the port completed successfully for the following reasons:

  1. Your Dad still has access to his PC Mobile account and subscription details. Typically, once the port out is completed, the account access (or at least the subscription information access) is no longer accessible
  2. You mentioned the text from PC Mobile, requiring a 'Yes' reply. This is the correct process, but afterwards, he should have seen the signal strength indicator switch to no bars, SOS, Emergency Calls only. That would have signified that the service with PC Mobile was no longer.
  3. Not sure why he would have received a text from Public Mobile, requiring a '1' reply to confirm wanting to port in the PC Mobile number?
  4. He cannot make any calls with his Public Mobile SIM card inserted. This has me puzzled, because you mentioned that he activated with a new number and then later scheduled the number transfer. So, if anything, he should be able to make calls using that new number.

A troubleshooting question for you:

  1. What phone number is listed in the Public Mobile online account (please don't post the number here, but check to see if it is a temporary number or the number your Dad transferred)? If it's a temporary number, then that would be a good indicator that the transfer never completed successfully.

There is only a 90-minute window after replying 'Yes' to the porting request text message. Since this dates back to August 21, you'll need to either start a new number transfer within his Public Mobile online account, or if something is stuck, get in touch with a Customer Support Agent using the link below.

Link to PM CS_Agent:
Monday to Sunday 9 AM to 10 PM EST

Number Transfer Troubleshooting:

Hope this helps.


Mayor / Maire

PC Mobile prepaid or postpaid?

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I will private message you a number to the porting department that you can call and they’ll be able to help you and tell you the status of your port. Please check your messages here on the community (envelope on desktop, click the profile picture and then messages if on mobile)

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