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Service no working due to minutes usage errors, bonus/holiday minutes error?

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Hi all,

I suddenly cannot make any calls or receive calls from my phone yesterday. I got a text indicating I am out of minutes. I logged on my account from my computer yesterday and today and I can see I only used 50% of my monthly minutes as well I still have my holiday minutes and bonus minutes with over 180 minutes left. Never had any issue until public mobile changed updated their website?


Is my only option at the moment is to pay the $5 for the 500 minutes add on?


thank you all. 


They don't expire. But they do get used when you use up the limited minutes. Do you possibly have any screenshots of your add-ons from before the new system or plan change?

I once had a problem with the system where an agent blew up my account. I had the proof but it was stressful.

Go back in your usage details after downloading it to spreadsheet format and add up all you minutes. You'll need to sift through them as for what's a call to voicemail or you calling voicemail as you use minutes doing that. Toll free calls also don't use minutes.



No these bonuses don't expire, unless you used them up. 

With my accounts, all these bonus add ons did transfer over.  

No complaints from other customers about these add ons expiring after PM updated their website. 

Maybe double check that you did not use them up. 

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

I'm with the grandfather plan for $10 but recently got pushed to the $15 plan. the refresh icon did the trick, thank you.

But now all my holiday giveaway minutes and bonus minutes all disappeared. I know i didn't use it up. do those minute expire?


Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Hi all,


Seems like my holiday minutes and bonus minutes suddenly disappeared after public mobile updated their website?

Does these minutes expire?



Mayor / Maire

You should be able to receive calls unless you might be on the very short term $15 plan.

The new site does have terrible caching issues. Click on the little spinner refresh icon lower down or use private mode to be sure to be looking at properly updated data.

So something else may be up.