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Security Breach-Urgent

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen



For the past 2 days I have been received messages that there has been an error in transferring my number over to Bell Mobility.


Actually, I have never been to another mobility store or asked anyone to transfer my number to Bell Mobility.  It seems there has been a security breach or identity theft someone has put in a number transfer request for me.




We guys aren't those guys. We don't work here. They do. The support people. You could ask them if you think it's important enough. As it is now, it's unknown. I might not worry about it now. I have edited my posts. You could remove the couple sentences in your last post and no one would be the wiser or know what had transpired.

You may still get the attempts but you're stopping them from being able to go any further. They can't verify the account and they can't reply to the text.

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Thanks Dust2dust.

Since only you guys can change the community, I have changed stuff.  I'll see if in the next couple of days or weeks if I still receive any porting messages.

Only the support people can change the community name. The name in the account profile can be anything. Log in and go to the profile tab and edit account information. The city is a limited list but again it doesn't matter. But of course, if and when you might need to verify the account then you'd need to remember oh right the name is this. I have fake names and addresses and if I get addressed by them (Hi Chris or whatever) then they use the name on the account.

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

How do I change the name under community?  How about you send me a link to change my entire name completely, since this name can be anything?

Did you also change the name? The reason for this is that if someone is fraudulently trying to port your number and they try to contact here to wonder why they're not getting the text (because you rightfully are) and they try to use the credentials they have then their attempts to contact would fail because they can't provide the right information.

But it could also just be an innocent typo.

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Thanks, I haven't posted any personal information in the community nor have used it much.

Mayor / Maire


That is why we tell people on this Community not to post their personal information.

As long as you don’t confirm the porting. The porting will be cancelled.

Contact a CS_Agent to has the change your email address and login to your account and change your PIN.

Mayor / Maire

Perhaps change your pin and name on the account. Seems someone has sufficient information about your account that they can be attempting to port out.

Perhaps not including any real information here too.