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SIM Card Issue??

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

For more than a year making or receiving calls on my iphone XR was a problem. I couldn't hear the person or vice versa, cut in and out, static, etc. Would always have to hang up and call back at least once to get a clear connection. I changed late last year to an iPhone 15 and still the same issues. This tells me it can't be the phone. On a side note, both my daughters in the same household have XR's and use PM no issues. I'm leaning towards it being the SIM card. Looking for thoughts on this and if it's the SIM card can I just replace it, update my SIM on myAccount and still keep the same phone number? I don't want my number to change. Thanks.


Deputy Mayor / Adjoint au Maire

@stedeb - Since provisioning definitely isn't the issue of your cause - it has to be the SIM card. Try using your daughters SIM card in your phone and see if it is good.

You will keep the same phone number as before when you change SIM cards.

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