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SIM Card Delivery - Switch to pickup or Amazon

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Hey everyone,

Like many people, I purchased the $34mo/40gb plan this past weekend but didn’t realize the SIM card could take up to 2-3 weeks to arrive. 

I already reached out to CS via PM yesterday but haven’t received a response yet. I’ve seen suggestions that they could reimburse if you were to purchase it elsewhere (Telus store or Amazon) which is what I included in the message. Just was wondering how likely is it that they would reimburse you and if I should go ahead with either of the other options? 

and also which is the correct SIM to buy off Amazon? 

Public Mobile Prepaid SIM Prepaid Phone - (Universal/SmartPhones), Packaging May Vary


Public Mobile Triple Punch SIM Card for Unlocked Phones on Canada’s First 5G Subscription Phone Plans






Most CSA will reimburse price of SIM cards if you explain the reasoning.  But, no guarantees.  

Either one would be fine.  Just different designs.  I would choose the $.4.99 SIM card.  Both sole by Public mobile, but shipped by Amazon.  Both with Prime shipping. 

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