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Reboot number?

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin


Apparently my phone number xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx is not in service. 
please verify the reason why this is happening. I can’t call or receive any calls.





Mayor / Maire


If you haven’t kept up with your monthly payment for more than 90 days. You account will be closed, SIM will be useless and your number will be lost.

Or if you missed a payment then your account and number will be suspended but login to your account and check your account status.

Mayor / Maire

@lucastanciu   also, this is an open forum, remove your phone number for your own protection.  Go back to your post, click Edit Message and remove the phone number


And if your account is active, check what the phone status bar on top showing.  Does it show connected to PM network?   Does it have error like SIM not provisioned? No sim?  


Try to first reboot the phone.


If it still does not work, try to reseat the sim card.  Power off the phone, take sim card out for a minute, then put it back and power up


And  try your phone in different area, could be a local network problem.

Mayor / Maire

@lucastanciu   login to My Account and confirm if the account status is active.  Maybe pre-authorized payments failed and hence the account is now suspended


if you cannot login to My Account, you can also call 1-855-4PUBLIC, then enter your number and check if PM can find your acocunt