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Re: Paid more than $25 for one month of service

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin


There have been a few times now that I've paid for my monthly account fee through the PM site but then also had it taken out of my bank account. How do I get help with getting this resolved/getting a refund please?


Mayor / Maire

HI @Mama1976   tax will be added on top of it


So, PM Site will only show the before tax amount, but when they charge you, they will add appropriate tax to it

Mayor / Maire

You paid through your self serve and it would therefore come from your account (if you are doing visa debit for instance), as stated don't forget tax

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Today I purchased new plan 4.5G, or $ 46 and I did double payment by accident.

HI @Yusufhulu   did you activate a new plan ?  or you change plan in My Account for your current PM account?

do you see the money there in Available Fund now?

Mayor / Maire

@Mama1976 and @Yusufhulu  - I think this applied to your both...


Credit cards companies can show both Pending and Authorized/Approved charges. Sometimes there are multiple Pending charges showing during activations or renewals, but when the payment gets authorized, the incorrect amounts will fall away, then the real one will stay.


If these end up being Authorized/Approved charges and the extra funds are not showing in your Available funds area, then contact Public Mobile Customer Support Representatives (CSA).


There are 2 ways to reach CSA, found here: