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Purchasing Minutes

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Hey, I was wondering, how do we we purchase minutes just for one time and not monthly, is it by purchasing add-ons?


Mayor / Maire

Definitely be careful and make sure you choose the right add on

Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

Also there are different bins of calls... Canada, USA, or other countries. Do check the list of countries covered as Public Mobile only covers some countries worldwide. Double check!

Deputy Mayor / Adjoint au Maire

@JonahDube You need a 30 plan active to buy additional minutes if you're not on a unlimited calling plan. 


If you're inquiring about buying a few minutes for one time use Public Mobile does not offer this. You may want to consider something like Petro Mobile where it is truly pay as you go and you can buy a certain amount of minutes and then you're done. 


Or just download TEXTNOW APP. You get a Canadian number in your area and you can do free calls to Canada USA numbers as well as text/MMS over wifi. Other people don't need the app just your number. Even has caller id and voicemail when not online. 

Mayor / Maire

@JonahDube   Yes, you will need to buy add-on 

500 min Canada-Wide Long Distance - $5.00 (5 Reward points)


Add-ons has no expiry, so, if it is not used up this month, it will roll over to the next cycle until all used up


Make sure you know that buying add-on is a 2 Steps process

1. Load Fund

2.  Actual purchase of the add-on


Many people just loaded fund and missed step 2  🙂