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Public Mobile is not able to blacklist my phone

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If two different CSA’s are giving you the wrong information and refusing to do what PM is supposed to do, notify the CSA that you intend to submit a CCTS complaint and see if that changes their tune. Who knows, it may actually encourage them to do their job properly. 


Submitting a CCTS complaint (linked below) will automatically escalate your issue to a supervisor when the CSA’s aren’t cooperating and refusing to escalate your ticket.


It takes a bit of extra work to submit the complaint on your end, but you ultimately bypass the unhelpful CSA’s that you have encountered so far, which saves you time and effort on a matter that should have been resolved from your initial CSA interaction. 

@softech wrote:

@CountyDownIeUk   you are lucky, iPhone , you can report stolen to Apple and no one can activate the phone.

Had no idea! Never the less once an ICloud Account is on an iPad or iPhone it’s pretty much protected. You can reset the passcode on the older phones but can never set up a new cloud account unless you know the email address and password.  Have no idea on playing with phones with face recognition or finger prints. I am beginning to see I will never understand all the options until some one suggests it’s use. But my best first step on a stolen or lost phone is to put a new SIM on the account...assuming that I won’t have to verity the change by text. 


But the carrier you have used the phone on should be able to put the phone on the blacklist.

Absolutely. I feel that @ZeinabMobini has been given a run around. 

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Wow, CSA are giving you so much BS!

I had a phone purchased directly from the manufacturer, and PM did blacklist it for me. This was a couple of years ago.

@CountyDownIeUk   you are lucky, iPhone , you can report stolen to Apple and no one can activate the phone.


But the carrier you have used the phone on should be able to put the phone on the blacklist.

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So....what if you had purchased one of many millions of iPhones sold from the Apple store.  No one can blacklist? PM should have a record of all IMEI numbers that you have used on your account. They know your IMEI as soon as you put your SIM card in it. Personally, I think you got an incompetent CSA that did not have the fortitude to ask some one with more knowledge “how to do”.  But also do keep in mind a phone that is blacklisted in Canada can still be used in another country. For you insurance purposes I would keep hitting up a CSA until you find one that can do it for you. If you keep hammering away.....try 6-8 hours later and you will likely get another CSA to help as first one will no longer be on  shift. 

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Ditto the untrue. I had a couple devices stolen out of a storage locker. I asked support to blacklist them. They came back with some clarifications where they listed all the devices that any one of my accounts had seen. By IMEI. I recognized one as a phone I returned. I said not to touch that one and leave the other same model name good. But they blacklisted 2 phones. I thought I had the IMEI of one but they corrected it to be another. I only ever had one of that model that I remember. One originated with Rogers.

A day or so later there they were on devicecheck.

Anyway...escalate. The agent is wrong.

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@ZeinabMobini  was the S22 ever used on Public Mobile network?  I believe the can only blacklist the phone if you have used the phone on this network before


sound like you know how to open ticket and you opened on already.  I would ask them NOT to close the ticket, and ask them to escalate the ticket.  Tell them the phone was used on PM prior to being stolen and they have the obligation to help to blacklist the phone



>Seems Public Mobile doesn't have the system to track the phones using their network


this is untrue, PM, like other network, use IMEI to track and communicate to all phones used on its system. 

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Seems Public Mobile doesn't have the system to track the phones using their network. From what I understand all other providers, such as Telus, and Fido have this system and with a phone call can add the IMEI to the national blacklist. but contacting CSA a few times, I got the answers mentioned above. 


CSA Operator 1:

"I am sorry about your phone.  

Regarding the lost stolen report unfortunately as we do not sell our own phones we do not have our own system to do that.

But no worries I am going write below a link where you can report your phone ands you will have there the possibility to fill in with personal information maybe someone will find it in some point."


CSA Operator 1 - second message:

"I understand that. If you want to have proof of the report on the Blacklist you should contact the operator from which the phone was purchased. That will be the best way. 

I am sorry we cannot help you with that."


when I asked for clarification on "contacting my provider", since I purchased the phone unlocked from BestBuy and the provider has been Public Mobile the whole time, the second operator replied: 

"Yes, Public Mobile is your service operator, but as my colleague kindly shared, as the phone was not purchased from us, we don't have the option to flag this device on our end.


My colleague said to contact the operator from which the phone was purchased because some of our customers they've been with a different service provider before (TELUS, Bell, Rogers. etc.) and the phone they use was purchased though them, in that case we suggest to contact them in order to flag this."


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When you activated your SIM with PM, did you register with the IMEI or your old carrier's account number?

If it was done by the IMEI, the CS_Agent should be able to Blacklist it.


Did you login to your Samsung account and go to Find My Mobile to factory reset your Samsung phone remotely so all your personal information is erased?

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@ZeinabMobini - it sounds like you did everything you should have. So you submitted a ticket to CSA to have the phone listed as lost/stolen, as well as, blacklisted?

And CSA, said they do not blacklist the phone?


Good that you reported it with the police.


I'd go back to that CSA ticket and give them a snippet of the device check website. I wonder if it is because you list lost it in the USA and not Canada. 

What did CSA say exactly?


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@ZeinabMobini  You could go to Telus I suppose to have it blacklisted pm is under the Telus umbrella 

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Hi @ZeinabMobini 

send a private message to  CS_Agent   to reporting them to do it for you.