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Public Mobile SIM cards

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

It appears that ordering online is the only way to get a SIM card.Is there a reason for that.


@DDM69 wrote:

Have you checked with your local Telus or Koodo stores?

Corporate stores only...not any store. Refer to PM site for the closest store to you. 

Mayor / Maire

It's only down to Telus or Koodo corporate stores now. And even then... Many retailers have large signage yelling Telus and Koodo. But they're not corporate stores.

Click on the Find a store link at the bottom of this page to find stores.

Mayor / Maire



There are some free options for a SIM card out there. But the catch will be, that you will use their referral code to activate it. 



Not true. I ordered 2 from the PM link using PayPal, they arrived in 5 days of which included a weekend. 

Mayor / Maire

HI @kg3   No, do not order from PM online, too slow


Get it from local Telus or Koodo stores.  But call them before  you go and confirm they have it


or you can also order via Amazon


Mayor / Maire

Unfortunately they pulled convenient options but some stores still carry the sim (koodo/telus) as mentioned - just make sure to call in first to confirm they are in stock

Mayor / Maire

It's a result of PM's latest "update".

Some Telus / Kodoo kiosks might offer them...if there's a mall in your area, check to see if you can buy one there.

Town Hero / Héro de la Ville

Have you checked with your local Telus or Koodo stores?