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Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Hi, i joined Public Mobile in March 2024  and every time i am on a call it DROPS.

Please help how to fix this issue.




More customer complains about voice quality and dropped calls.  I forwarded this issue to PM staff, but will need to wait to hear their response. 

From a different forum (reddit, RFD), one customer had the following fix:

For iPhone:
settings>>>cellular>>>Primary>>>network selection>>> turn off automatic network selection and reboot

If possible 5G network roll out issue, maybe try to force your phone to stay on LTE/4G instead of auto. 

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

same issue for me, tried with another phone and phone calls still drop multiple times. I am pretty sure it is provider issue


As you wait for CSA response (usually a few hours), maybe try a reboot of your phone.  Network reset of your phone (note: this will erase any saved Wifi passwords).  

Is the calling from one general location?  Or multiple locations? 

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

this is ongoing issue since, i have an iphone and OS is up to date and carrier profile as well.

i sent a direct message to the above link...waiting for a response.

Mayor / Maire

HI @lfaria 

what phone do you have? 

make sure you update the OS.  Also, if you are using iPhone, update the Carrier profile as well

and if you have another phone, test the PM sim card there

if any problem with calls still, as support agent to refresh your account on the system.   please submit a ticket with CS Agent using this Chatbot link:  Type the question "Submit ticket", Then click the following in order: "Contact Us" ,  "Other",  "Log In".  
If any issue with ticket submission, you can  submit by direct message: 

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