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Promo Code 20OFFMONTHLY got applied to reduce plan price to 35$ but payment still showing as 55$

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

I got this deal and it showed the discount. Now that it is showing the bill, it is not discounted. This is not good and there is no way to confirm or cancel this overcharge. I tried to access my account but it has been down for

maintenance during this. I did not agree to 55$ a month and now I might as well be in the gulag, since I'm having my labor's fruits pillaged. 

@asmfsdfmglkmfsl we really not sure if this is now for existing customers as well, it has been promoting as a promo for new activation only

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

I selected "Change on renewal date" but then a few days later it told me it would be 55$. So i went to change before immediately but the website has been down for a while. 


It did not specify existing customers only when I signed up using the change plan option during the beginning of the sale. but afterwards I noticed they did add that.


It will be interesting to see what they do, this is a scam.

Mayor / Maire

@asmfsdfmglkmfsl   did you select "Change plan now" and did it charge you $35 ?


if you select "Change on renewal date", it is known that it will show your next bill to be $55 without the $20 discount.


Just a reminder, this promotion is supposed to be for new activation only,  we still not sure if it is a glitch that exiting user can choose , so change plan as your own risk  🙂