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Cannot load my account page

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

I am never able to log in to my account and have to reset my password all the time. After that if i manage to log in, it just leads to another page saying cannot load or some sort of error. Its been months now, and its a nightmare to get in touch with someone to solve this problem except for the bot who tried to help me at its best 🙂


Mayor / Maire

@DM72   site is down for maintenance at the moment.  


Please try back after 8AM EST

Mayor / Maire



Try these little tricks to avoid common errors when logging in.


Clear your system cache and cookies first.


Open an incognito tab, then try logging in again.


When logging in from a system/ device that remembers your login credentials, allow the system to automatically log you in as opposed to tapping sign in button.


I have noticed that once the credentials auto fill, the system may try to automatically log you in and if you tap the sign in button at the same time it may produce a 'sign in error message'.