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Port from Fido Partially Works

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Hi, I ported my phone number from Fido on Saturday, using an eSIM. I received the text to port the phone number, and I responded with YES. I'm able to receive text/calls from Koodo/Telus subscribers but cannot receive phone calls and texts from other network subscribers. When I have both the Public Mobile eSIM and Fido SIM active, I can receive all texts. It seems like the port is partially complete and stuck. How to proceed?


@mamelon  We happy to hear it and welcome to public mobile 

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Thank you @esjliv @Handy1 @BKNS27 !

Just some background, I did respond YES within the 90 minutes, however the porting team indicated that Fido didn't authorize the port. The porting team was able to help, I had to re-receive the text and answer YES again. It is expected for the port to complete tomorrow morning. Thanks all!

Mayor / Maire

@mamelon  No worries I’ll send you the porting team number private message right away , they can re trigger the port request for you 

Mayor / Maire


Did you reply to the text within the 90 minute window? 
You need to contact a CS_Agent to help you fix the porting limbo.

Mayor / Maire

@mamelon - your Fido account should be closed if this was a successful port at this point. Are you saying Fido sim card still has working services?

Try calling the porting number see if they can tell you if there is an issue, see your INBOX.

OR...Connect with Public Mobile Customer Support (CSA) - go to your ENVELOPE at the top right of your Community Account which is where your Inbox and Sent messages are. Select the orange/peach color box with the pencil inside it to start a new message.  Type CS_Agent in the SEND TO box. This will create a private message to Public Mobile Customer Support.

EDIT, if the FIDO account automatically closed with them and before going to CSA or calling the porting number, remove your FIDO SIM card, and restart your phone. Also perform a reset of the device's network settings.

But if your FIDO account is still active there is still an issue here.

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