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Poor reception in basement

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

I have had excellent reception in the basement since I've been with Public Mobile(over a year). Suddenly, in the last couple of days, people tell me that I keep cutting out. The phone signal is strong. Any suggestions?


Deputy Mayor / Adjoint au Maire

Any new equipment installed recently?


Once I had installed a cellphone signal booster in my vacation cabin where the tower was far away, did wonders to my cell signals.


Now I dont use it as there is another tower installed nearby.


Mayor / Maire

@Kennyp  do you get good signal and strong, reliable reception when you are on the main floor?     Do you see any difference in signal bars when you are on the main floor and basement?


Do you have another phone around that you can put your PM SIM in and try ? 




Mayor / Maire


Try resetting Network settings.

Or switch to 3G to see if it makes a difference.

@Kennyp   You probably don't want to try reset network yet.  On some phones, the APN settings will need to be entered manually after a reset and hence your data might stop working althogether.


Also, not sure about changing to 3G will helps.   Usually changing to 3G is for issue like you phone cannot change from LTE network to 3G and hence calls dropped.  Since your calls already established and just cutting out, I am afraid this might not address your issue.



You may just have a poor connection to the network. Toggle airplane mode on/off. See if that fixes your poor reception.

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all company has bad Poor reception in basement,
Plans with 3G data may reach download speeds of up to 3 Mbps, with the coverage and reliability of the LTE network. Speed and signal strength may vary with your device, configuration, Internet traffic, environmental conditions, applicable network management and other factors.

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

I had the same problem. To remedy the situation, I installed an IP telephony application (Textnow). Calls are made via WIFI and in my case, it solved my phone cut-off problems. 


The only disadvantage to this solution is that you can't use your PM number. Another number is assigned to you. 


It may not be the best solution, but it is effective and solves the problem. This would save you from spending hours looking for a solution by opening a ticket. 

Yes, using VoIP could be a workaround.  You can forward if no answer to your VoIP number


Another possible workaround is to use a bluetooth headset.  Leave your phone on the main floor and talk on bluetooth.  If you are going with this solution and don't mind some investment, you can also get one of those Panasonic bluetooth wireless cordless phones.


But, I suggest to wait another week or two and see if the situation gets better.  It could be just a network tower issue and Telus or Bell just need time to fix it.