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Points add on annoyance

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Other day I was in a bind and I needed to add some data quickly, I usually go for a high data plan but this month money is tight so I just grabbed the cheapest plan and paid with points. So I of course run out of data within a few days and that day I needed to get onto my banking to transfer money but if course no data or wifi near by. So I quickly go look what rewards offers and scrolling through I see data I can afford with points a whole 200mb worth. So I quickly purchase that only for it to not work, and I then see the next option was 1GB which I could have afforded. I look to see why data doesn't work and I see us data was only available. I contact customer service which I'm not s fan on the procedure. Anyways the guy basically told I should have for the name was us data add on and that if I would have known they dealt with both country's it wouldn't have been an issue. So I go on saying what I wanted and got no reply back quick enough. This is all the next day by the way. So I messaged back mentioning how horrible this customer service system is and that I'd be switching providers as soon as I can, there's a new one out that is cheaper so I'm hoping your customer service is a whole lot better. All I got back from that is to have a good day. I don't know if there's a way to attach pictures to this post I'm going to look into that but they will show the replies I get back from them plus I'm going to show what the add-on description was cuz I don't see anywhere it's saying anything about being States. It's I'm the link apparently. 


@Topherjordan   you did do you see it being only for the states?

The first two pics on the left say US but the pic on the right is the Canada data add on.  The Canada data for 5 points is 200 MB whereas the US roaming data add on for 5 points is 250MB.  I'm not sure what sequence I should be looking at, I'm going left to right?   Are you saying you selected the 200MB for Canada but it gave you the 250MB US roaming?

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Thank you. I know I did do that but I also didn't give them enough time try and fix the problem. Under a lot of stress these days and having to wait a day sometimes to get a reply isn't helping. I probably shouldn't have posted this here it was mostly heat of the moment, needed to vent for how they made it seem like I'm dumb for not knowing what I was buying. Not sure if you looked at the pics and seen the plan description, if you did do you see it being only for the states? Not a huge deal I know and I won't be leaving public because of it. I'm leaving for something a bit cheaper with same benefits and points that benefit me better. I gotta be cheap for a while till things turn around. 

@Topherjordan   I would reply back and clearly explain that you need the points back that you used instead of in $ since the add-on is less expensive in points.  I don't think threatening to leave PM will help, just ask nicely.

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Oh they did take off the add on and added the amount to my account. I needed it back to my rewards in order to get the 1GB data plan. I explained that to them at least twice but got nothing 

Mayor / Maire

hi @Topherjordan 

support usually able to cancel the wrong add-on purchased and put the money back as Available Funds. Please reply the agent back again and push , ask to escalate 

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