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Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

How come my plan went from $21 to$26?


Mayor / Maire

To be certain, @1624892, can you confirm WHICH plan you are on?  Also, did you start with Public Mobile BEFORE January 2022?

Is it the $25 plan or the $19 or $21 plans?   Are your values in your question inclusive of applicable taxes or the base plan value(s)?

To confirm this, log into your account and view your current subscription.

The most likely reason for your question is the mandatory switch to Public Points, which removes the automatic cash discounts on each renewal, and replaces it with the accumulation of 'points' that can be redeemed toward bill credits or add-on purchases.


Mayor / Maire

@1624892 You are on the $25 1GB 3G speed plan?  If you log in to your account you can switch to the $19 1GB 4G speed plan to lower your bill. Just make sure to select "change on renewal" and not "change now" or you'll lose the remainder of your current plan with no refund..

Deputy Mayor / Adjoint au Maire

@1624892 - Public Mobile made a change on all customers rewards systems, switching people in May of 2024 to Public Points, introduced in January 2022.

You will lose out on:

  • Up to $5 loyalty credits
  • $2 Autopay

You will now get with Public points:

  • 5% back on your plan that you spent on.
  • 10 points annually as a thank you for loyalty
  • 5 welcome points when you enter the dashboard for the first time

You will keep earning these rewards as points:

  • Community give back rewards
  • Refer a Friend 1 point per referral

You should have received an SMS or and email stating the change and you may have noticed some loyalty bonus data in My Account, which is a sort of thanks for your continued loyalty.

You Can redeem Public Points like these:

  • All Add-ons for $5 less
  • $15 bill credit for 15 points
  • And other offers that come and go.
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