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Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Hi I'm just wondering if my plan price is locked in for as long as I have the same plan. It won't just jump up and cost more in 10 years will it?


Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

it is better to check prices every couple of months and change plan. i just change my plan from $34 for 40gb 5 months ago to $34 for 50gb,    
it is little extra hassle but switching careers with referral codes often gives more value every few moths. 

@EB0 wrote:

Technically the price is locked but not guaranteed

in 10 years, you will have a better plans.

10 years ago, it was 4GB for $40, now, it’s 100GB for $40.

Ten years ago, Public Mobile didn't have anything close to 4GB for $40.  The $120 90-day plan that included 12GB was only introduced back in 2016.  Before that, Public Mobile customers were being offered plans such as 2GB for $60 (also included calls and text messaging).  I do agree that plans have gotten much better.

Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

Technically the price is locked but not guaranteed

in 10 years, you will have a better plans.

10 years ago, it was 4GB for $40, now, it’s 100GB for $40.


as of January 2022, new accounts are enrolled in points rather than Rewards. Those clients haven't seen any regular price increases.

@canuck01 technically it wasn't a price hike

As you fully aware, the drop in price was caused by the rewards system change. The ending of the legacy rewards really caused you to pay more but the plan proce was not changes. You likely have lost $7 I'm rewards, but after the payment , you getting back arounr $0.75 worth of point and you will get another 10 bonus points later on your anniversary.  Not as good a saving from before, but still a decent savings 🙂

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Yes it will likely just jump up during a long time period such as ten years. Mine did. I've been a loyal PM customer for six years. Last month, I paid $5.25 for the limited talk/text plan. This month, it's over $13, nearly 3x the cost. This is mostly due to the "rewards" system changing—but the bottom line is, the true cost to me changed dramatically. I can no longer recommend PM.


welcome back were missed. Hope you're going to keep contributing again.

Mayor / Maire


nobody knows what 10 yrs away will look like BUT PM plans are usually perdy stable for as long as you have it. I've had the $15 plan for several years...BUT..PM reserves the right to change the costs if they wish to.

Mayor / Maire


I am current on the same plan for 2 years and not price increase.

I recall an old $10 plan increased to $13 on the Community…that is it.


@RollinRaptor technically the price is locked in, but like any carrier, PM reserves the right to adjust the price.

We rarely see price hike on the same plan but it happened. Last time was a $10 plan increased to $13 after having the same price for close to 5 years. 

So, sorry, as I always remind my best friends in the community , there is no Price for Life anywhere 

Town Hero / Héro de la Ville

Wow, you are asking if the price will be the same in 10 years.. Who knows if Public Mobile will be here in 10 years.. Or even us.. 
Generally, PM doesn't increase the price, but you never know. 

Mayor / Maire


Public Mobile has been good about not increasing prices to their plans. However there are no guarantees that this will not happen. An example is moving everyone to the new points system.

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