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Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Hi everyone my gf set up my sim card and she forgot what info and password to the sim so I can't even change the pin now that I added $20 to my account how do I apply it without having to provide the pin ?! 


Hi @Alikatt80 


if you use a voucher by calling *611, you don't need a PIN


Is the plan $15?  if it is, it will be enough to reactivate.   If you loaded the voucher, wait 10 mins, reboot the phone and see if the system reactivated the account 

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

With a voucher and it never got applied to account because I missed the renewal day 


Mayor / Maire

@Alikatt80    You added the $20 voucher by dialing 611?  If that covers the plan cost+tax then your plan should be activated as you don't need a PIN to add voucher to your account.  edit:  perhaps try rebooting the phone too.


For email change and password reset, you need to submit a ticket via chatbot here:


If unable to submit a ticket, then send a private message to CS_Agent:

Mayor / Maire

Is she not able to look in all her emails to find a welcome email from when the account got activated?

How did you add $20? Voucher? Through 611?

Did she activate your account in a store?