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PUK code needed

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

I can’t seem to reach anyone at Public Mobile. You are asked to register with the community to create a ticket to submit to a live agent. Community account created but nothing sent to my registered email. And I don’t think I can access a live agent without the email registration. My SIM card is locked and I can’t make any out going calls. Please help!


Mayor / Maire

Which PUK do you need?  there are 3 different ones


what was the exact message?  depends on the type of message you got you will would find the PUK from different source. 


If you want to start with PM , you can open a ticket with this direct link:


Here are the info with the different SIM PIN/PUK messages you might encounter:


"SIM network PIN blocked. Enter SIM network PUK." is asking for the phone’s (often Samsung) “master code" after entering the wrong code too many times. Samsung and/or your previous carrier can give you this.


"SIM network unlock PIN" is asking for your previous carrier's unlock code - just contact them with your IMEI and they'll give it to you. If you enter this incorrectly too many times, you'll get the error message above.


“PIN unlock key (PUK)” or "Enter PUK Your SIM cannot be accessed" is a SIM-specific code used to prevent unauthorised use of a SIM card.

The PIN (Personal Identification Number) enables secure access to the SIM card and network. It is provided with your SIM card.

If the PIN code is entered incorrectly 3 times, the phone is locked (except for emergency calls) and requires a PUK (Personal Unlock Key) to reactivate it.

Once the PUK is recovered and validated, you will be asked to choose a new PIN.

Only Public Mobile's moderators can give you this type of code, which the device manufacturer cannot. Public Mobile's moderators can be contacted at the following address:

Caution! If the PUK is entered incorrectly ten times in a row, the SIM card becomes unusable.


Mayor / Maire


Currently while the community goes thru a major update you cannot get email notifications of private messages from customer support. They will send an SMS text but since you cannot recieve that text you can supply an alternate phone number or just keep an eye on the envelope icon at the top right corner of your screen next to your avatar for a little number to pop up indicating a reply from a CSA.


I suggest you use the private messaging option for contact as it serves me quite well.



Send a private message...   Contact the CSA's (formerly moderators) by sending a private message and leave a detailed message explaining your issue and the info to verify your account by including the following information:  


  1. Full name and address on pm account. ( Or province and postal code for newer accounts.)
  2. Email, phone # and pin #.


If  you cannot remember your pin # include at least three ( if they apply)of the following:


  1.  Date of birth (n/a on newer accounts.)
  2. Last payment, date, amount, type and last 4 digits.
  3. Alternate phone number if any.
  4. Security question and answer.
  5. Plan amount, any add ons or promos on account.
  6. Last 4 digits of sim card.
  7. Any rewards in your account.
  8. Autopay y/n?
  9. Account #.
  10. Frequently called/texted phone numbers in the last 30 days.  


The average wait time is 2 to 4 hours but be prepared to wait up to 48 hours for non urgent requests. Current wait times are about one hour and are probably even less as I have had some very quick responses in tne past week.


Keep an eye on your private message box the envelope icon next to your avatar for a little number to pop indicating a message from the CSA's (formerly moderators.) Responding promptly will speed up service times.


 Do not post any of this info in the community only in your private messages when communicating or contacting the CSA/Moderator_Team.


  To send a private message to the CSA's (formerly moderators) click below

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Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

I clicked the link you provided and it brought me back in circles to Simon. Public Mobile can’t verify my pin so there’s no ticket to submit. I can’t get a hold of any agent to speak with. There’s no email to sent it ( not even the private one your link sends me to). My error messages states “Your SIM cannot be accessed. Please call your carrier to obtain PUK code.” That’s the exact wording with “10 attempts remaining” above the code box. What now?

@Fooosh   Yes, click on one of the option provided... depends on the error you got


or you can click on this in exact order
SIM card PIN

PUK locked

Contact Us

Click here to submit a ticket↗



and what was the exact error you see on your screen?

What brand of phones?  any chance it was carrier locked ?  if so, you have to request from your previous carrier


I dont dance the silly swirl with Simple--Simon. Just follow my instructions on how to send a private message.

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

I just sent a private message. I’m hoping someone at CS sees it right away. I have provided all the information along with error message in the private message


Usually within the hour you will see a reply. Sometimes 10 minutes. A week ago I had a reply within an hour....after normal business hours so that was a surprise!

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

I hope so. This came at a very bad time close to a launch where I need to be in communication with a lot of people.