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PST on my Bill

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

We moved from BC to Alberta and never changed our phone numbers. We did however change our address on our accounts. Does anyone know what we can do to stop being charged the BC PST? 


Mayor / Maire

Taxes are charged based on area code not your address!

Address does not mean much to PM.



yes, this is a common question 🙂  PM charges the tax based on the area code of the phone number.  Since you are still using a BC phone number, it will continue add tax based on BC rate

To save the tax, you have two choices

  1. Change to an AB phone number: Go to My Account, Profile and choose a number in AB
  2. Keeping the BC number buy pay AB tax: you buy pay using a voucher instead of using credit card via Public Mobile.  But a voucher locally, the tax will be charged at the retail based on AB tax.  Then add the voucher to the account.  Since voucher is added as Available Funds, PM will not add further tax on it.

Mayor / Maire

HI @lachc 

the tax is charged based on your number ,not address on file.  So, you will have to change phone number to save the tax

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