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Outside North America usage and No service issues

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Hi team


I have question about using PublicMobile in abroad, I am in Turkey right now and since I landed I cannot connect to local networks even to receive signal, for just text and calls, Its shows in my phone, emergency services only, Is there a way to change in settings or active in my account?

Any help would be appreciated.

thanks 🙂


Mayor / Maire


I'm not sure how well your chosen solution will help you communicate in Turkey but if your only concern was keeping in touch with friends and family back here in Canada then when you do have free wifi this will serve your needs. 


I have been reading about the HE5 app but that may now be no longer a requirement in Turkey if you are fully vaccinated. So I'm unsure if this affects you at all and it's requirement for a local sim card or roaming service from a Canadian provider.

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public mobile offer service only in Canada and U.S. Roaming 10 day packages.


anywhere has a Wi-Fi Free,

and use a app Textme or Talkatone, and you will getting new canadian number for Free from that app,

• Unlimited Call \ SMS \ MMS a Free USA/Canada.


Here link for app Talkatone.


Here link for app Text Me.


enjoy your trip..


don't forget to review Reactivate a suspended plan (

Mayor / Maire

@Rehat wrote:

I am in Turkey right now

PM Does not offer service outside of North America. For service in US you have to buy appropriate add-on.

All long distance add-ons work FROM Canada only; they do not provide service in listed countries you can call from Canada.

Mayor / Maire



This is the extent of Public Mobile's currently offered coverage areas:


Basically a local sim card will cost about US$20/ 20gb/with varying amounts of minutes and texts between 200 and 1000+ and free WhatsApp valid for 28/30 days. Here some info on local sim cards and providers.

Mayor / Maire


I'm sorry to tell you but pm only offers roaming service in the US. No where else. However getting a local sim card for service in Turkey is very cheap. In the meantime download a voip app like textnow or fongo for free calling on wifi. Whatsapp is also very popular and many businesses also utilize that service. You can suspend your pm service via lost/stolen in your account before midnight eastern on day 30 of your cycle and you will maintain active voicemail service up until a maximum 89/90 days before you must reactivate your service for at least 30 days or lose your account and service and phone number.

Mayor / Maire

You can only use Public Mobile in the U.S. when roaming or in Canada when not roaming. You can't use it anywhere else.