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Number transfer issue

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

I am a Koodo user.
I performed a number transfer from Koodo to Public Mobile on May 17th, but it failed.
I contacted Koodo today as I did not receive an SMS replying yes from koodo.
They responded that it should be handled by Public Mobile.
My subscription fee has already been paid, but activation has not been completed as of now.
What should I do?
If transferg my number is not possible, I would like to cancel my subscription.


Mayor / Maire

HI @Rosie04 

but can you use the PM sim to make outbound calls?

if you can make outbound and just not able to receive inbound,   It could be an incomplete port.  PM porting support team can help.  I have sent you the porting support team number.  Please check your Community inbox (envelope on top right), check for the number and call

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