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Not receiving calls and texts

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

I paid $40. I gave permission to  my previous provider, Freedom,  to release me to Public. I am not receiving calls or texts, I can only call out and not everyone gets my texts, and my speakerphone has disappeared from my phone!!




Mayor / Maire

The community can narrow down the issue for you if you answer some of the questions above. It could be a stuck port, if you didn't have your freedom sim in to answer Yes to the porting text or your freedom account wasn't in good standing, this could be what is holding it up. 

Mayor / Maire


When you indicated you have permission, was it a text confirming you are porting over to PM?

You need to confirm to the text with your old SIM in your phone or the porting will not be completed. 

Meanwhile, try rebooting your phone and see if that works.

If not then contact a CS_Agent to restart the porting process again for you.

Mayor / Maire

@11991 how long has it been since you replied YES to approve the port on the Freedom SIM card?

I believe generally cell ports should complete within 2-3 hours unless some verifications need to be done.


If a restart of your phone did not help, try a reset of the device's network settings.


Maybe also try the PM SIM card into another phone to see if services work; if not, flip it back in your phone, do services work now?

Speakerphone is unrelated to number porting. Is your Freedom Mobile service still working? It can take a few hours for porting to complete.

Mayor / Maire

@11991   So, you got the text from Freedom on your Freedom SIM and you replied YES within 90 minutes?


Try to reboot your phone once and see how you can receive incoming calls on your PM SIM


if still fails, you can call PM porting team for update tomorrow morning.  I will message you the phone number.  Please check your Community inbox on the top right