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Not happy with Public mobile. Unable to submit ticket after refreshing, clearing cache and browser.

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

The bot says to email @CS_Agent directly but when I search them to send the message the user doesn't exist. Can someone help me here like an employee? It's very important, as I'm constantly missing important phone calls because they either directly go to voicemail, or callers get an error message, and when the phone rings it's silent. So how  am I supposed to answer the call if I never get a notification anyway? Just to let you know, yesterday I missed very important phone calls as my parents were in an accident and my dad died, no one could get a hold of me until 6:30am in the morning.


Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Thank you very much.

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

it seems other services work, calling out seems to be working fine, Texting also seems to be working fine minus a few times I am outside and the text won't send unless I turn on my data which seems normal. Browsing on cell data also seems to work it's just the incoming calls I've missed tons of very important ones and my mom told me when she tried to call me it said error or something. I was sleeping so the phone was in my bedroom I know there's a spot there that has no service but she tried to call me just today and she said it wouldn't go through. I've had several people tell me the same, and also when the phone call does miraculously decide to go through, these few calls it shows caller ID so in order for me to answer it, I would have to be staring at my phone and even then it goes straight to voicemail. 


I had this issue with Telus before they cut me off and they did fix it so not sure if now I switched providers the same has to happen. My mom has told me several times already just today the calls don't go through. Please kindly direct me to fix this issue. 

Mayor / Maire

Holy moly. Very sorry for your loss and then you had this to deal with.

Do other services work? Calling out? Texting? Browsing on cell data (not wifi)?

Mayor / Maire

@Jneufeld20211 ,I’m so sorry about your Dad! Missing a call like that is very important! My heart breaks for you! 😕This needs to be fixed right away! Especially for emergencies!

 Please send CS_Agent a private message using the link below! There’s issues still where the chatbot isn’t working to submit a support ticket & the link there to send private message to CS_Agent is also broken! Sorry 😕

You can send a private message to a CS_Agent: ->  Send a message

Customer Support Agents are available from:

- Monday to Sunday: 9 AM to 10 PM EST

A CS_Agent will respond back in your Community mailbox at the top right of this page (envelope icon to the left of your community avatar).

Edit: Sorry everyone there were no responses when I started typing. It takes forever just for the reply to load so that I can! Huge lag in the system!


@Jneufeld20211   the silent ring is something on your device.  Please check the ringer and see if Do Not Disturb was turned on

for calls going to VM, try to change the Preferred network mode or network type to 3G only (or WCDMA) and see if it helps. 

If you have another phone around, test the sim there.  it could confirm the ringer is just a local device issue, and possibly force a sim reprovision and will resolve your voice issue

if nothing work, please open ticket with PM support using message.   Private message CS agent at 

**Monitor your Community inbox (envelope icon on top right) after the ticket is opened.  CS Agent will reply to you there

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