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Not getting loyalty with early renewal is ridiculous

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

If I'm renewing early that means PM is getting more money from me per day. I find it crazy how I'm then not eligible to get my rewards. 


I'm on the highest plan.


Mayor / Maire

Well, actually, you do get your rewards. The system is just not set up to apply them before the payment unless it's your regular renewal cycle 30days from your last payment.


Last week was the very first time that it was more econonical for me to do an immediate change plans mid cycle instead of paying for add-ons. This is the payment history:

Screenshot 2023-03-29 at 07.10.58.png

The rewards showed up without intervention (= CSA interaction). 


Couple of things:

- I don't know it it also works this way for early renewals of the same plan. We now have a work-around to do that ourselves, but since I have not gone through the process I don't know if the rewards are applied like in my immediate plan change or if you need to ask the CSA to apply them.

- At this point I assume that my next renewal (April 20/21) is working the normal way. At least the payment amount prediction does imply so.

- I'm also assuming that the loyalty rewards are on a counter and/or a formula that considers that once every 30/days interval. (This plan is also occasionally in and out of suspension, so there is no real way for me to make a solid , experience based statement about this.)

They really have made it exclusive to renewals only @Lukedurward , so there’s no way to get it unless your account is going through a renewal with funds available to cover that renewal.


The only time it routinely fails on renewal is when a customer has previously set their account to lost / stolen, in which case the customer support agents have to manually apply the rewards on the following renewal.

@Lukedurward   no, using "Change plan now" will not get rewards either.  Rewards only will be applied during a regular renewal.


And keep in mind, with Change Plan Now, you loss the money for the unused days and unused data for the old plan, no partial refund

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

If I "change plan now" do I get my rewards?

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Usually with help.

In that case we should just get our rewards every 1-month regardless of renewal dates.



I feel that there were many in the past who gamed the system so public mobile just likely decided to make it a renewal only reward to avoid any gaming which occurred.


however, I do understand your point and it does feel somewhat unfair in your situation.

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Valid point.

Perhaps in that scenario then rewards shouldn't be applied to give a positive balance.

Mayor / Maire



I disagree.


Rewards are meant to be given once every 30 days on renewals only


There are some people whose rewards total exceeds their cycle plan value. If those people were to renew early, say every couple of days, they would artificially boost their balance by very high amounts.

Now, can you see why?


( Adding:  it’s also why we generally recommend to other users that they renew on the next renewal date as opposed to immediately.  )


@Lukedurward   did you early renewal with help or support or just change plan?


but this is normal.  The rewards are only applied during renewal time.  It makes sense too.  basically they only giving loyalty rewards 12 times a year.   Cos in extreme case, if people keep renewing early, like twice a month, PM would then be given the rewards 24 times, it won't make sense from PM's view.

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