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New plans calling features & points value, and 4g vs 5g questions?

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Just checking out the plans for existing customers and see there are some good deals. I've been using the 4g 20gb/month plan on 90 day subscription and see some new options for increased data. I don't even use the full 60gb in 90 days,  far from it. But the prices look to be about the same.

I have some questions though.  The new plans mention earning x$ in points value, how does that work and how does it differ for 30 vs 90 day subscriptions?

The new plans don't show info for calling features,  so call display and vm etc by I assume it's all the same and included?

Finally I've not had 5g before but I opted out when I joined PM since I heard conflicting things about being worth it and it was more expensive. I assume with the 90 day plan the $40/month would equate to the $102/90 days in paying now? Is there a notable difference in 4g vs 5g? I'm in Alberta if that affects performance.



Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

I can’t comment on the rewards, but as someone who recently changed from a 4g to 5g plan, the only difference I’ve observed is faster speeds on 5g. I have an older iPhone 8+ which is not 5g enabled. But I do get close to 170 mbps download speeds now vs 100 on 4g (the speed cap). Honestly, you won’t notice a major difference unless you were downloading a large file.

So my suggestion between 4g and 5g plans is pick the best value in terms of the data bucket you need and don’t worry about the speed differences.

If it helps at all, I ran a quick speed test and attached my results. I’m less than a km from my nearest cell tower. I’m sure on a 5g phone it would be faster, but again, I don’t notice a difference in speed being on 5g. The 40 gb $34 5g Black Friday deal was enough to convince me to upgrade from the $39 4g 20 gb plan I had prior.



HI @ashley109238745 

you are on the new Public points system.  But yes, you won't loss anything with the 90 days plan.  You will earn the three times the rewards with the 90 days plan.  Remember , your points is based on the amount you paid.  So you paid more with the 90 days plan, the calculation will be 5% on the bigger amount you paying

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Hey There, joined in Oct 2023 so I'm honestly not sure which rewards system is legacy. But i did have points,  just redeemed 15 points for $15 balance at next billing. With this $2/month for the 5g plans does that mean you're earning $2 every month? So in 4 90day billing cycles you've earned $24, any money would be redeemable for whichever options they are offering like they do point redemption?

With 5g last year before I switched over,  I was reading complaints about for 5g speed is achieved based on available towers and not all places having such towers. Seemed people ended up getting slower (than even 4g?) Speed as a result. Haven't looked into it though since then!

Mayor / Maire

HI @ashley109238745 

are you on the legacy rewards system?

you don't need to worry you loss anything.  Basically you get the same rewards every 30 days.  With 90 days plan you will get three times the rewards at the end of the 90 days cycle 

For calling features, it is same.  No difference

4G and 5G plan .. difference is the speed.  4G plans capped at 100Mbps  and 5G capped at 250Mbps.  The number looks 2.5 times more, but honest, 100Mbps is good enough.  Many don't need the 250Mbps

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