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New Customer

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Is it possible to talk to someone?  I wish to purchase a refurbished iPhone.  I have an old cell phone.  Want to use the same number.  Is that possible?   

what does the mb’s added to the $15 monthly plan actually give you ?  Will I be able to download some apps to use?  Am I notified when I getting to the end of my mb’s?


thanks for your help.






Mayor / Maire

I didn't see this in the replies above:

There are no overage charges here. You need to pay for a feature (as plan and/or add-on) before you can use it, and it'll stop working once you've used it up. It also means that Public Mobile does not offer throttled data after you've used up all your plan and add-on data.


If you choose the $15 plan, supplement it with the $5/500 Canada wide minute add-on for piece of mind. While the 100 plan minutes reset at every start of the 30day plan cycle, the add-ons stay in your account until used up (except for US roaming add-ons which have the 15 day time limit from the time you buy it). I still have some minutes on an add-on that I bought 5 years ago.


In terms of the 250MB of data: I'm also on the $15 plan and have made sure that all unnecessary background data is turned off on my phone, including that WiFi assist thing (or similarly called, the function would use data when you are on weak WiFi). I only turn data on when I actually need it (on the road I can really live with slightly delayed WhatsApp messages, but obviously, that's just me and my communication habits...)

Mayor / Maire


PM is all done online including customer service but it is easy to order a CPO phone.

If you have questions about a phone you are interested in, we can help you here.

The $15 plan is great for does who are light data user and you will get a text when your data is about to expire but not very reliable though for the 250mb/.25gb of data.

To save on your 100 minutes (rounded up to the next minute) call out, you can text (unlimited) friends and family to call you if they have unlimited calling on their plan.



Re your subsequent questions, "what does the mb’s added to the $15 monthly plan actually give you ?  Will I be able to download some apps to use?  Am I notified when I getting to the end of my mb’s?"


Indeed, 250mb is very little and most of us on the $15 plan (i am, too) don't use our PM account/service as our primary connection to the world wide web.


Definitely reserve the high load content (video streaming, downloading, gaming) to wi-fi, if available, then perhaps use the apps you wish to use 'offline' to preserve your data allotment.


As far as the notifications issued for data remaining, they exist, however many users find them unreliable and instead wisely choose to rely on the self-serve landing page as it displays one's current data allotment and how much of it is consumed.  The thing about the self-serve page is it requires to be 'refreshed' once in awhile as it may display cached information - Public Mobile provides the little spinners on the page itself to do that.

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Thank you, didn’t realize.

Checked - number not registered here @dust2dust 


@cat2 , might be a good idea to remove personal information (i.e. name, number, etc) as this is a public forum for everyone to see.   To do that, go into your initial post, click the downward arrow top right, and edit out personal information you prefer not to share publicly...

Mayor / Maire

Yes just move the sim from the old phone to the new one. You might need to carefully snap out frame parts to get to the smaller size.

The $15 plan is not gigs, it's megs. 250MB. You could but why not just use wifi for downloading things? It would conserve that small amount of data too.

You will get warnings at 75% and 95% and apparently 100% of usage.

Adding - sorry...just noticed the subject line.

Mayor / Maire

Hi @cat2 


To activate, simply get a PM SIM card, have a credit card and e-mail address ready.  Regrettably, there is no direct live communication here - it's either here on the Community (with other users) or through the ticketing process to the Customer Support agents.


Yes, you'll be able to use the older iPhone.


Then tap Activate at top of page.   During the process, you'll be able to port your number from your prior provider (good to have the prior account# on hand)  [EDIT:  your prior provider account needs to be active to do this, unless it's a recent TELUS or Koodo service, which Public Mobile can pull the number from since they're all under the TELUS umbrella of companies...]


The $15 gives very little data.  Just 250MB, which will be gone quickly if using internet outside of Wi-Fi.