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Need verification of plan details please

Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

I've been with Public Mobile for four years & just now, for the first time ever, from my account profile I checked what other plans were available to me & was surprised & pleased to see this! 


I'd appreciate a confirmation re: the minutes & messaging details.  

Currently I have:

  • Unlimited Canada-wide Talk (Canada-wide minutes and Messaging)
  • Unlimited International Text and Picture Messaging
  • Voicemail and Call Display

I wouldn't mind losing the international features too much, but I find being limited to Quebec a disappointment.

Otherwise, I'm still sincerely hoping that the current promotion $24 plan, for new activations only ending 09th. April, is subsequently made available to everyone. 

My next auto-payment occurs on 12th. April & I'd jump on the $24 plan asap, if it were made available to me. 

Thanks guys. o/


Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

@Chalupa_Batman @Luddite 

Needless to say that I'm really disappointed that the $24 plan for 4GB @ 4G, has not had the restriction to new activations lifted & has increased in price to $26. 

Another weird twist, is the reduction from 20GB data to 10GB for the $29 plan @ 4G.  Feels like three steps backwards to me, with no appreciable benefit to Public Mobile.  

I'm even more disappointed to see that, as of today, the above-mentioned personal offer for a $26 plan 3GB @ 4G has been removed from my personal choices.

My next auto-payment occurs on 12th. April, the last taking advantage of my Legacy Rewards. So hopefully, some tempting offers are made available to me, before my May payment. 


Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

@Chalupa_Batman @Luddite 

Thanks to both of you. 

I've never had any problems with PM, so I'm satisfied to keep them as my carrier.

With my Legacy Rewards, I'm currently paying $25 per month & I'm kind of determined to get a reasonably comparable plan at that price. 

I don't mind paying a bit more, but I'm sticking to my guns for now in the hopes that the $24 plan, or something just as tempting becomes available, when all of the current promos end on the 09th. 

I posted about the $26 plan because it really was a nice surprise, as I'd never clicked on that link. Honestly I wasn't even aware that the possibility of other plans being available, were listed there. 

Hopefully my post alerts others who might be in the same boat & also, emits waves of inspiration to the powers that be to pop that $24 plan there for me too! 😛


Mayor / Maire

Hello @Stelawrat 

If you're OK with this $26 plan, I really think you'd be OK with this $29 plan instead. $3 more you get 17GB more data and unlimited Canada Wide Calling.




You could purchase the Canada wide long distance add on. Unlike data add ons, it does not expire by date but lasts until used up. 

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