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Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Wanting change to Public Mobile, but want to bring existing number and phone. How do I proceed?


Mayor / Maire

HI @ricellie 

which carrier you are in now?  you have to make sure the account still active

then check if your number can be ported

and then download PM app to activate.  Make sure you put in your old carrier account number for the information and not IMEI

also, leave your old carrier sim in the phone, you need to reply a text from your old carrier to approve the port

Mayor / Maire

@ricellie  First make sure your number can be transferred 

Check to see if # can be ported

if it can then bet a SIM card  or you can use eSIM without waiting for SIM card . Download the app and follow the prompts to activate and transfer phone number 

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