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Missing past credits

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

What happened to my loyalty rewards from my account since 2019. They are just gone? I had 6 rewards resulting in a $6 reduction from my bill. That is no longer the case. My bill jumped $6 and those rewards are no on my account. Did we just lose all those so called loyalty rewards. It doesn’t seem right. 
I also copied the below information from one of the help files

No, you won’t lose any leftover rewards from the old program. Any credits earned up to May 2024 will remain on your account and be applied to your future bills.

  • Doesn’t the above mean the credit earned in the past should still be available on my account?

Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

The “credits” in the quoted blurb are referring to available funds in your account. For example, some subscribers have MANY referrals (50+) so they have accumulated more $ than they spend on their monthly plan. I know that one subscriber showed a screen shot of the available funds in their account and it was over $2000 at the time of the rewards change announcement in March.

Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

You were *force migrated* to the (universally bad) Points system at some point so no more benefits from the old Rewards system.


15 points required for $15 bill credit.

- Sign in to

- Browse Catalogue

- $15 Bill Credit

Mayor / Maire

@Abaker65  You might want to look at the newer plans, for example if you are on the $25 plan with 1GB data you can now get a $19 1GB plan at 4G speed to make up for some of the lost rewards. 

Deputy Mayor / Adjoint au Maire

@Abaker65  the loyalty rewards are gone. So $2.00 for autopay and $5.00 for loyalty. 

No you will just get 5% back on monthly spending and 1 points  per your referrals and any participation points in the Community. 

Then 10 points  once yearly on anniversary. 



you might have missed the announcement back in Match about the rewards system change 

PM retired the old reward system earlier (May 2024) and everyone migrated on the new Public Points system.

With this new system, you pay the full amount first (with the Available Funds on your My Account or via your credit/debit card on the system), and hence you see a higher charge now. 
Then PM will give you the points to your point account after renewal within 48 hours.  Once you collected 15 points, you can redeem $15 bill payment yourself to bring the next payment down.  Or you can also use points to buy add-ons with a discounted price

For how to earn points with Public Points,

  • you will get the same friend referral, 1 point (= $1) for every referral every month.
  • Instead of $2 autopay, you earn 5% point of your spending in points (plan renewal or add-on purchrases). 
  • Instead of loyalty rewards, you will earn 10 points on your Anniversary date every year 
  • You will still earn Give-Back rewards by participating in the Community. Everyone has a chance to earn  1/2/5/10/15/20 points depends on the overall participation of the month 

I have to admit Public Points rewards is not as good as the Legacy rewards system, but you are still saving money, just in a slower pace 

Here is more information about the rewards system migration:

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