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Missing Points-Missing Old Points Program

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Since new Rewards Program has been started,

Pre Authorized Points are Not Credited to my account and Loyalty points are missing too.

With New Rewards Program my Monthly Bill is Almost Double now.

I am very disappointed by new Transition.

Hope Old Public Points Returns Back.


Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle


Everyone on the old loyalty rewards have been forced ok not the new points system. See THIS link. You should have received an email or text from PM. If not, consider filing a compliant with CCTS as so many others have. 

You will no longer get $2 auto pay, or up to $5 loyalty, or have your referral credits come off your bill automatically. Instead you will get 10 points per year for loyalty, (basically PM have changes the value of your loyalty from $60/yr to 10 points annually). You will get 5% cash back on any bill amount, but in points. And your referrals will be earned in points, too. If you want to reduce your bill, you must earn 15 points, then log in, and manually purchase $15 bill credit using your 15 points. 

It also seems that any referrals you've earned this month won't count until after your next bill. 

Mayor / Maire

No going back, we've all been forced into the new system. The new system does not have auto pay points, and monthly loyalty has been replaced with 10 points once per year. Yes, it's a loss in value, no, none of us are happy about it.

Mayor / Maire

Hello @Jay_Patel 

The old Legacy Rewards system is now gone... gone for good. This is the new and so called improved Public Mobile. No more credits for being loyal to Public Mobile and no more credits for pre auth payments. 

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