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Missing $15 discount on 90 day subscription plan

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Hi.  I have just noticed that I did not get the $5 per month discount for signing up for the 90 day subscription plan back in June.  Two payments have gone through so far, with neither having the $15 discount.  I did use $15 of my rewards for the June payment, but the extra $15 discount for the 90 day subscription was not applied.  Please let me know how to have this corrected.





@Keyz2  You can also check your payment tab for the full details of data and price 



@Keyz2  Yes so that’s the 90GB for 90 days $117 if you had chose  30Days it would have been $44 but you got the discount for paying $39 x3 =$117 for the 90 days variant of the plan 

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

I don't have a picture of when I signed up for the plan, but I think it was $117 for 90 days before the discount($39 per month).  I was on a $40 per month plan, so wouldn't have changed just for the $1 discount, but having to pay 3 months at a time.  Here is what is shown in my account.  Unfortunately, I can't see what the note 4 comment is.



Mayor / Maire

@Keyz2  You got the 90 day discount when you payed for plan for paying $15 less then what you would have paying 30 days 3x in a row . It’s a automatic discount 



made for example looks at this 90 day option plan it’s $65 30 day or $60 on 90 day but you pay $180 upfront for 90 days 

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