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Issues with setting up phone number

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Last week, I received my Public Mobile SIM card, and tried to transfer my number over. However, it did not work because I no longer have service with my old service provider. The issue I am experiencing is that I can not receive a verification code. Is there a way to still transfer my old number? If not, what is the process I have to go through to obtain a new number?
Thanks in advance!


Mayor / Maire


It's probably easiest to contact customer support and ask them to assign a new phone # to your account. You should then be able to recieve the eversafe 2FA code to log into your account. You can then decide if you want to contact your previous provider to reactivate your account and port your old phone # in thru the change number function on your profile page in your self serve account.

Alternatively you can try to log into your account and use the "forgot password" button. Reset your password. Clear your browser or pm app cache. Login with your email and new password. Enter a random "wrong" 6 digit code 4 times in quick succession. This will bring up the email option to recieve the 6 digit 2FA code. But this option only works if you have previously been able to log into your account or you have an active phone # or access to your original phone # as you must be able to recieve a secondary verification code via SMS text message after successfully logging into your self serve account for the first time.

Best to reach out to customer support first.....

To speed up support wait times please leave a detailed message and include the following info in your private message only communication with the "CS_Agent":

  1. Full name and address and/or province and postal code on your account.
  2. Email and phone # (your old one you tried to port).

You will be asked additional verification questions likely your activation date, plan and payment card details. Please have these available to you along with your activation summary and/or welcome email from public mobile as these will contain your account #.

Good luck and welcome to Public Mobile!

Mayor / Maire


Try calling 1-855-4PUBLIC and enter your phone number to see if your number is active/subscribe to a plan.

If not then porting wasn’t completed but was your previous account closed because of nonpayment?

You need your old account active to port out. If not, you may need to make a payment to restore your old account then port over but if your old carrier was Telus or Koodo. They might not need you to restore your account to port over but contact Telus/Koodo if they were your old carrier.

HI @KennethJAdams 

True, my initial post reply be wrong

But reading it and thinking it again, I think OP is properly has not activated yet, he might just ordered the new sim card.  If he is an existing  fully activated customer, I don't think he is at this stage

OP could also have activated the account but asked the sim to be sent to him, so the activation in fact not completed, and he won't be able to login My Account to request porting

@Andrew32 , can you provide more details? are you customer with PM yet?  Or just planning to activate?

Town Hero / Héro de la Ville

With all due respect to @hTideGnow you don't need to call the porting team for this. You can port your number yourself with ease. 

How to port number from “Blank” to Public Mobile

First, make sure your number can be ported by checking on this link

Or log in to your Public Mobile account 


Then on your right side you’ll see this box. Click on Transfer Phone Number.


Then enter the number you want transfer and continue to next step


NOTE: Keep your old providers SIM card inside the phone until you get the confirmation text. Say YES. But wait just a bit longer until you no longer see your old provider's name up top. Once it’s gone, try making a call to test. If you can not make a call using your old providers SIM, the transfer has gone through.

Town Hero / Héro de la Ville

Hi @Andrew32 

If you want your old number from your old service provider you need to activate your old account. If that's not an option then it's best to just get a new number. If you want to receive your 2FA number, this is the best way around it.

Can’t get the 6 digit 2FA code to your phone? Try this method


First, sign into your account at and use the email you signed up with and the password. If it asks you for a 6 digit code, it will say at the top left CONFIRM YOUR IDENTITY.- Enter the 6- digit code sent to *********.  But it’s not working!!! As you see by the screen shot below, 1. Click the This is a trusted device. 2. Didn’t get the code? Click on that.





Then, the next window that pops up is this.




Click on Send email. Here it will send you the 6 digit code to the email you registered with. This step is very important. Do not just copy and paste. Enter each digit using your key pad.


You should now be able to get into your account.


Mayor / Maire

HI @Andrew32 

sorry, only active account can have the number transferred to another carrier.  You have to call you old carrier first, ask them to resume service.  Once that is set, call PM porting team and ask PM to re-initiate the porting request.  I will send you the number to your Community inbox.


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