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Issue with public mobile subsciption

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

I recently purchased a $15 plan and SIM card. Once I received the SIM card I tried to connect it to my account but was unable to as once I signed into my account but I keep getting redirected to the payment plan screen. I tried multiple times and even went as far as to reinstall the app or try on your website but I wasnt even able to login on the website and the app still redirects me. As I have already payed for both the SIM card and mobile plan I do not know why your application keeps redirecting me




Did you activate your $15 plan before you received your SIM card?  

Mayor / Maire

Hi @JeffZhu Going to be honest, the site sucks for signing up. Try this. Go into your browser settings, clear your cache, history and cookies. Then restart your browser. Then go into Cognito mode and try again. Let us know if this works.

Mayor / Maire

It sounds like you started the sign up on the web site. You need the app to finish the process. See what happens when and if you get logged in on it.

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