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Invalid SIM I've tried EVERYTHING!!

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

I've read countless posts here, been on the phone with every single customer support agent (aside from PM because they make it impossible to get real help, they have not even acknowledged my support ticket), gone through soooo many troubleshooting tutorials. After everything I am left with an active plan that I am paying for but an "Invalid SIM" card. My phone has been unlocked from my previous service provider, my phone is a Samsung Note20 Ultra5G (which has been confirmed to be compatible with PM). I activated using incognito mode, I tried to activate again using microsoft edge but I can't because it is already active.


Please - anybody- help. I am out of avenues to troubleshoot. Even Simon the chatbot said I need a real customer support agent, but there was no ticket option that covered my specific problem and there was no option to explain my problem on the ticket. Anybody had this issue??


Mayor / Maire


If your payment card has been charged for your plan then your sim card did not provision correctly upon activation. Skip simple Simon and go straight to sending a private message where you can explain yourself in detail. Click on the link below you can skip my big long rant and go straight to the spoiler.


@bellizzard, failed activation attempts are session locked for about an hour.  This might be the case. If your payment card has been charged, but the activation glitched along the way, then you should seek CSA support as you cannot retry the activation.  This can be frustrating but staying calm does help.  

Mayor / Maire

Reinsert SIM. Make sure is inserted properly. Reboot phone. Try SIM in another unlocked phone or a locked Telus, Koodo or Public Mobile phone. 

Mayor / Maire

@bellizzard hi did you get past the payment when you activated? does your account say active? if so and you are having issues with simon 


 you can private message a cs agent here                               

           check your community envelope for a reply