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International Roaming

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

I am heading to Australia in a few weeks for a whole month! I know the public mobile doesn’t offer international roaming. So I’m kind of wondering what should I do? Should I get a new phone plan for that month? Will my phone still work when I come back?


Town Hero / Héro de la Ville


just go to your payment and do Disabled
when you be back do Enabled


note about  Reactivate a suspended plan (


Mayor / Maire

If it's only a mo th,  you cna remove your autopay and card depending o  when your renewal is. And not pay for at all and then resume service once you get back. The only thing there is you won't get voicemails etc. Another option is putting it in lost/stolen status for the month and you cna still get voicemails,  but you'll have to check with the ppl who have done this themselves to see how long you can do that for 

Mayor / Maire

@hughdyment9  - you can use your phone in wifi areas to access internet or wifi apps.

Look into using WhatsApp, a free app you can install for calling/texting services when in wifi areas. Or, if you obtain a locate data sim card you can also use this app.


Yes, you can use your phone when you return back to Canada if you have an active plan now, a month away will not make you lose your plan/account or anything.

You may just need to perform a reset of the device's network settings when you return, to help get connected back to public network (if you did insert any other sim card while travelling).


Safe travels Down Under!

Mayor / Maire

If you are going for a longer period of time, you can change your Plan to $15. If you do not have autopay set up on next renewal your account will be suspended for no pay. Log in before 90th day of suspension and reactivate account. After 90 days of suspension your account will be deleted.

Your phone will work after you are back even if suspended for less than 90 days. Just log in and pay the bill.

I guess you can get local SIM there. Just do not lose your PM SIM.

Mayor / Maire

Get you a local sim in Oz and a cheap plan. edits...take out PM sim and install new local sim. When you return...put PM sim back in phone.

Alternative is to get free VOIP app like TextNow.Uses wifi and you can call / text home for free using wifi.

You can downsize to $15 plan, pay ahead, then your phone will be good to go when you get home