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Increase of more than $6 per month without notice

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

So I did not agree to have my monthly bill increased by $6 per month, and wasn't notified of this outrageous amount. This in of itself is enough to make me switch to another provider, which i will be researching today. Imagine telling customers that you can do whatever you want without letting your customers know and including that term in an agreement... which I did not agree to, because I joined way before Telus took over, and there was no such agreement!
Ever since Telus took over pubmobile has been a disaster... definitely not for the people anymore. I dont even care if I loose my bonus points I am so pissed off! My refer a friend deals are gone, and I will never refer anyone to this company anymore, as a matter of fact I will go out of my way to make sure everyone knows what a scam Telus is! And ZERO contact info, no place to actually contact the evil corporation and complain! I'm done !!!! I'm not interested in another corporate scam in terms of earning rewards! Such BS!!!!


HI @EM20 

so, you had the $25 plan before?  if you were, then the $19 plan is the same one with better speed.  You basially pay the same after this plan change. 

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Yes, same thing happened to me yesterday, my usual plan was $21 plus tax after the refer a friend and autopay discounts and now the charge is $30 plus tax. I ended up switching to the $19 plan which gives 1 GB of data and phone calls texts etc. I was not happy about the change either and though the switch to the points system was optional - i guess not anymore. Still cheaper than other plans I had in the past with Rogers etc - but not happy to see the change rolled out overnight...

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

So instead of $2 off your bill you get 75 cents as for loyalty 10 points a year = $10 per instead of $12 per year. I'm at $3 per month for years so my bill was reduced $5 per month. Now I get $19 per year, rather than the $60 per year. Got to love the points system. Always growing pains when companies get sold out. Got to love the big corporations and the lack of competition. 

@Louise57 I don't blame you! If you want to keep your current phone number, when you find a new provider,  request a transfer out to port your number. Keep in mind that your public mobile account must be active to do so. You might want to do this closer to 2-3 days prior to the next bill from public mobile. 

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

i looked through all of my emails... nothing ...anyway it doesn't matter because I'm looking for another provider, I cant stand how Telus ruined pub mobile 

Mayor / Maire

@Louise57   You don't say what plan you are on but you may find you can switch to a current plan and save back some/most of the difference.  But you're out of luck if you're on the $15 plan because there's nothing lower.  If you're on the $25 plan you can switch to the $19 plan with 1GB data at 4G speed which is unadvertised, you have to log in to your account for the option.  Or maybe even the $34 for 50GB Canada-US plan would be better than what you currently have.

Mayor / Maire

HI @Louise57 

you were wondering where the autopay/loyalty discount/friend rewards gone?   PM has ended that old system and moved everyone to the new Public Points!!

So, now you have to pay full price first and PM will give you back points after.  Instead of loyalty rewards monthly, you get 10 points per year on your anniversary date with Public Mobile.  Instead of $2 autopay discount, you get 5% of your plan in points.  

And the points are useful to reduce the bill. After you got 15+ points, you will go to rewards site to redeem 15 points for $15 bill credit

Mayor / Maire

@Louise57  yea sucks for sure.

You should have received a text and email back in March 8 and again in April 15 advising of the changes as of May.

There is no more loyalty discounts. 

As of this month, you will be loosing the $$ discount. You will now have to pay your full plan amount upfront each month. 

They will give you 5% back on your spending each month.

10 points on your anniversary date.

1 point per friend referrals. 

1-15 points in helping out in the Community. 

When you have accumulated 15 points, you sign into your account and redeem that for $15 off your bill. You can also use the points for add-ons starting at 5 points up.

Mayor / Maire

Most likely you did miss notice from PM that EVERYBODY is switched to points reward and no more monetary credit.

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