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Incorrect email address

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

When we signed up to Public Mobile, the salesman entered the wrong email address for my wife's account. 

How can it be corrected? 




If you know the email address, password and have a working phone (ie. able to receive 2FA text), you can still login to your self service account.  The email address (wrong one) is the login id.  Enter password and you should receive 2FA text code.  Once into your account, you can change email under profile section and Eversafe login section.  

Pasted Graphic 1.png

If you don't have the above, you will need to contact customer service agent.  

Send a private message to CSA through the following link :

Mayor / Maire

hi @JAYRAY66 

did you sign up long time ago?  PM has no store activation for over a year

you can submit ticket with CS agent and they can fix that email for you so you can login My Account online.  

please submit a ticket with CS Agent here:                     


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