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If I'm still under old loyalty program, does it still reduce by $1 per month after 1 year? Also...

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Just checking if I get the additional $1 off every year for loyalty (I know up to 5 years.  I'm approaching year 2 and wondering if I should just switch to points.


Also, if I upgrade my plan, do I have to switch to the points loyalty plan?




Mayor / Maire

@ziojoe Yes, if you are on the old rewards, everything is the same.  You will get $2 loyalty after completing your 2nd year here with PM.  


And upgrading plan WON'T affect rewards system.  You can still stay on the old reward (the better one) after.  So, no worry, pick a plan you like and upgrade if you want.  Remember to use the choice "Change plan on renewal date" when you make a plan change