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I have a 25$ plan for 3 years now, my data amont has been shortened, not sure when or why

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

I've been trying to submit a ticket for a few days now and I can not for the love of me find how to do such, the link that SIMon offers goes 404, and after following the supposed solutions from the bot suggestions I found nothing else to be done to avoid the 404 error, serious bug there. I can not even get the private message page from the SIMon dialog box to work properly, not sure if because I was already signed into the community, or else, still thas a not-friendly interface, putting lightly.


I have already posted this issue to the community to no answer so far.


First I can not anywhere find the original characteristic of the account as back to when I signed in 3 years ago and I am sure my memory is not what it used to be, but I am plenty sure I used to have somewhere around 1.5Gb bonus data included in my plan. (AT LEAST 500Mb) I actually saw something like it last time I logged in but once I logged in the PC I can only see the 2Gb ONE TIME BONUS, I think that one was the last new year bonus, but I can not see the regular every month bonus that I had when I signed in. I am in a 25$ monthly 1Gb 3G unlimited talk Canada and unlimited text worldwide. I think this plan is kinda archaic for PM now but I should be receiving the same deal I signed in for when I started up here. I know I used to have a total of 2.5Gb data monthly cuz I have my phone set for that amount of data on the data manager app, and there is no reason why I would have done such unless that was the deal then. 

Can anyone tell me why my data was dropped without any warning whatsoever, I only have the 1024B of data and the one time only bonus form december, thats it... How can I get back what I had without paying more? I am between jobs and between houses right now and do not have a wifi option so I am relying on my PM data only for a couple of months... also I am broke AF, so I would really like to have the original amount, ironically in the past I very seldomly used that much data but now it's imperative to me,


please and thank you.



@sergioecg wrote:

but that won't be of any help for this month, so I will simply just not use the internet for a week or so when the data goes off. 


so, you have used up the 2GB data bonus from December as well? Login to My Acocunt and see if that is showing up on your My Add-ons section.  I hope they are still there for you so you don't have to be offline for a week

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

tnanks for all the comments girls and guys, but it has been told to me by the CSA that I have always had 1Gb data, that is totally news to me, but I obviously can not prove it. So I will have to dig it and go along with it, I might just change for a 30$ 3Gb since with the rewards it comes down to 27$ but that won't be of any help for this month, so I will simply just not use the internet for a week or so when the data goes off. I was born when you needed to dial a whole disk of numbers in a analogic phone so I wil survive, thanks for the kindness of writting and trying to make sense of my troubles, you all have the best summer coming soon. Sergio.

Mayor / Maire

@sergioecg - it is possible you were on some kind of promotional activation deal 3 years ago when you joined.
Some of these deals were for every renewal as long as you were in Active status or didn't change plans, or the like.
And some of these deals were limited time offerings, 12 months, 24 months (like one @softech posted), etc.

So, if you don't have screenshots or texts or emails showing what you activated on this could be difficult to prove...even with a CSA. Hopefully they can see some kind of history that they will share with you.

Town Hero / Héro de la Ville

I've only been with PM a little over 2 years, but I don't remember the $25 plan ever coming with more than 1GB. It used to be 500MB + 500MB with auto-pay, and now it's just 1GB straight up.


You must have had some temporary promotion, or possibly you had one time holiday bonuses that had the appearance of more data. They stayed on the account until used, and if you weren't previously using as much data (as you noted), it's possible it was just there month after month (same add on(s)).



@sergioecg   were you ever on $35 or $30 plan when you joined? 


You said you have been with PM for 3 years, in 2020 and 2021, most bonus data for activations were only for $35  plans and above, there was one for $30 plan and above


Of course, you could got got some in-store only promotion back then


and did you make any plan change ?  Usually after a plan change, any activation bonus would be gone

@sergioecg from what I see, it has been always just 1GB total for $25 plan. 


PM does not have too many promotion for plan $25 and above, but this did have couple, one was August 2022, 2GB for 12 months


there was another one March 2022 for 12 months.


You were with PM for 3 years?  I am not certain they had similar promotion back then.  Have you open ticket with PM support yet ?  did they confirm you had any activation bonus ?  As this point, only they can confirm , I think

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

yes, as of now I am consuming the addon 2Gb bonus for new years. But my question is in regards to the extra 1Gb, although I believe it was 1.5 in my case that I used to receive monthly and now it's gone... autoplay is still on, so at least 500Mb should still be around... what am I missing. unless you suggest the 500 plus 500 was it since the beginning, I am sure that is not the case.

@softech wrote:

@will13am   it possibly does not matter now, but I am confused sometime.  Someone believes the Autopay requirement was never need to fulfill and people always get 1GB without or without autopay.   But anyway, it is good they remove that "requirement" 

That was why I said autopay was optional even though the advertising said it was mandatory.  I don't recall any customer ever saying they did not get 1GB because they were not using autopay.  Now that the bar has been raised with using a payment card during the activation process, autopay has become somewhat of a "default".  Public Mobile took a page out of Thaler's book on choice architecture.  


@will13am   it possibly does not matter now, but I am confused sometime.  Someone believes the Autopay requirement was never need to fulfill and people always get 1GB without or without autopay.   But anyway, it is good they remove that "requirement" 


@sergioecg , I recall that the $25 plan was advertised early on as coming with 500MB and 500MB bonus data with autopay enabled.  I think the autopay part was actually optional.  From time to time there are activation bonuses but usually with the higher costing plans but the bonuses would fall offer after a number of months.  If you have the $25 plan, it definitely includes 1GB data.  There is a possibility that you were consuming add-on data some of which were gifted at part of year end giveaways.  

@sergioecg a rule of thumb when you acees. My Account:

Always use Incognito mode to login to get the correct usage and avoid confusion.


Yes, because the site has some cache issue and you could be viewing old cached page.  Best to use Incognito mode to get the correct, up to date info

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

thanks for the advice, it did not work thou, i am chatting an agent now see what comes off it, i will update you guys with their feedback... 

Town Hero / Héro de la Ville


First try this for up to day account info 

Try again  incognito mode/private mode or a different device or lap top or simply try refreshing the page when logged in



For most up to date account info


secondly to submit a ticket here’s the link 

Getting support / submit ticket


  • Get support by starting a conversation with virtual Chat box /SIMon. Click here                 


Or while your already here and logged in the community


  • you can send a private message   To CS_Agents by clicking here.


  Watch for reply top of page to the

   Right ( envelope image )