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How do i reactivate my suspended account?

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

I recently purchased two prepaid vouchers. a twenty dollar and a twenty five dollar one. total $45.00. I dialed *611 and followed the prompts to make a payment using my vouchers. they were accepted. I then tried to make a call and got a recording telling me that my account has been suspended and I had to make a payment to activate my plan. I made payment with prepaid vouchers. The first 3 months I became a public mobile customer. I  made a payment with prepaid vouchers. But April and May.  2 months I was suppose to have payment come off my visa debit card but it was declined both months. im not sure why. I was notified that I had insufficient funds in my account. even though I had the funds. Either way. the month  of May  payment was not paid by visa/debit. I then purchased $45 dollars in prepaid vouchers. And as I said in the beginning I followed the *611 prompt I made a payment via vouchers in the amount of $20 & $25 dollars a total of $45 dollars but as I said I tried to make a phone call and could not the prepaid vouchers I submitted were accepted to my account but were not applied to reactivate my plan. when I called to find out my acct balance it says that I have $45 dollars in my account and that my payment will be due May !2022. I don't understand I made the payment the first week of May 2022 the 5th or 6th of May 2022. so I'm not sure what I have to do to activate my plan again. I also followed the prompts that said I could change auto pay off or on. Assuming I had auto pay active. I tried to turn it off but it says I have to enter my card # to have auto pay turned on ???? Unless its been turned off because my account is suspended??? I'm not really sure???? My account balance is $45.00 and I am worried because the vouchers / prepaid cards are only good for I believe 30 days. Could someone please help me out im not tech savvy at all. I need a phone desperately. I have been without one for over 2 months now and just had a virus taken off my phone and had it wiped clean. I just want to be able to make phone calls and use the data I have purchased. I need my phone I am a grandmother I have a twin sister that resides with me and has seizures I also do not have a vehicle so I really need a phone for emergencies and to communicate with the world.

Thank you very much taking the time to read my question. If I can get some advice as to how I can get the suspension off my account and how I can apply the $45.oo I put on my account via prepaid voucher.

Thankyou xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Windsor Ontario Canada



Mayor / Maire

Hi @paulabanfield   After the vouchers are loaded, wait 10 mins , then reboot the phone and see if the account got reactivated


And you have no access to Self Serve My Account?  If not, then message PM CS agent and ask them to use the fund that you loaded and reactivate for you


send a private message to the moderators (but this can take longer):

After ticket is submitted, make sure to check your Community Inbox(top right corner envelope icon) periodically for response from PM's CS Agent

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

@paulabanfield , I think Public Mobile is having some trouble today with renewing plans. 


Very important, please go back and edit your post to remove your email address. This is a public forum and ANYONE can see your post! Never, never post your direct contact info!