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How can I order a SIM card online

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Hi, I want to order a SIM card online and I see the option to purchase Bonus SIM or triple Punch SIM card. I just want to order one, which option do I go with and the price $10 is for the SIM card only? Will I have the option to add data after I proceed checkout with the correct option?


Appreciate your support.


Mayor / Maire


I would suggest you order a PM SIM from Canadian Cell Supplies on sale for $4 online.

They also have pickup service if your are in the Oakville, Ontario area.

Shipping is very fast compared with PM which is in snail mail.

Mayor / Maire

The bonus sim means you're getting 2 for $5 each. Not $10 each. Keep the other one for referrals or future problems or lost phone/sim.

You can also buy from Canadian Cell Supplies.

Buying the sim does not get you service. You need to go through the activation process when you get the sim.

You can also use the find a store link below to find a corporate store that sells sims in your area. Call ahead.

Mayor / Maire

@Hathanh2023 @Just order one SIM card , and when you have SIM card In hand you go to public mobile website and activate the SIM card at that point you pick your plan/ data 

note it can take 3 days to 3 weeks to arrive .. so amazon is  quicker or if you want it even sooner head to a Telus / Koodo store in pick up in person 


edit if it a bonus sim , keep it to give to a friend with your referral code / all SIM cards are triple punch 

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