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Help with account

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin


my account won’t log me in it’s saying unauthorized login attempt I’ve changed my password and all. I’m trying to add a top up card to my account and obviously without access to my account it won’t accept the payment voucher. 

and I can’t dial *611 because for whatever reason it won’t put the call threw it just ends as soon as I hit the call button..

can someone help me please I’ve been dealing with this for a week. And I’m getting beyond frustrated….


Ok  just have to wait for their response. Sometimes they respond with 30 minutes,  but lately 😕...

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

When I call and enter my number it says sorry we’re unable to to assist please go to our website. I’ve sent a few private messages and submitted tickets with no response!


thanks for your help though 😊

Mayor / Maire

@Ashleyhelena  If you have access to another phone, you can call 1855- 4public. It should allow you access this way.

Since you can't log into your account, click on the link below to send a private message to  public mobile for assistance with logging in.

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