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Had this issue, and it's just so frustrating

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I had to port over a num and when after all that, service was not working, after a bit of troubleshooting, was told to try on a different handset, which I did, and now, both Cells, Both with PM, have stopped working


The handset I was told to try the sim on in case it was a defect, Self-Serve Portal no longer accessible, and now when it comes to the connection, it's mainly no service/ emergency calls only, with only a few secs of connection, and sometimes, connection with Roaming attached, so can't receive in/call out


This has been going on since 11:30am in the morning Monday, and the results quite unsatisfactory


Having to refer the matter to CCTS


My first time having to


How does this procedure work out?


Mayor / Maire

@makkahn28 did you try to reset your self-Serve My Account login?


What happen when you try to call *611?


Since you cannot login to My Account, I suggest you to direct message PM support here:

**Monitor your Community inbox, envelope on the top right, after ticket is opened.  CS Agent will reply and work with you  via messaging there


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 @makkahn28 : You've been here forever and had been a substantial participant. You know the drill. But now you're going to run it up to the CCTS?


So maybe try a different browser or use incognito mode or clear cache/site cookies. Maybe a different device. Then try to log in on one of the accounts. Can you?

Then do the same and try to log in to the other account. Can you?


Turn off the phones, insert one SIM into a phone, turn it on. What happens?

Turn it off and insert the SIM into the other phone and turn it on. What happens?

Turn it off and insert the other SIM into a phone and turn it on. What happens?

Turn it off and insert that other SIM into the other phone and turn it on. What happens?

I have been with a few CS Agents, results are far from satisfactory


The connection is going on for a split few secs, then no service, then at times service with roaming


The process has been tiresome, and exhaustive, I need CCTS indeed, if PM can't get this resolved, then I have to refer this to a higher agency and hopefully that this can be fixed with better results

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Ya typically when porting over it'll take time for all the services to successfully port, so for example you'll be able to receive calls but can't make calls, or you can text but can't call, and usually the data service is last to work. Sometimes if you're lucky everything will work all at once within 15 minutes after activation. I had the same experience when I first joined a number of years back.  Porting generally shouldn't take more than 3 hours to fully complete but sometimes can take 24 hours for everything to finally work.


In your case however it seems to be a bit more complicated. When you were activating did you hit refresh or go back a page at any point, as sometimes doing that can disrupt the activation/porting process.  There may also be network/phone setting changes you might need to make on your phone, that's something I had to do in order for my data to work. 

In the end if you think you've exhausted all your options, or you just feel stuck and don't know what to do next then recommend you follow @softech  and/or @hairbag1 instructions and reach out to PM for support. There is a chance that the port just didn't go through completely and PM would need to re-do the porting from their end, this is something that can happen from time to time.

Porting issues is nothing new and happens more frequently than you think with all carriers, it's unfortunate that you're having this experience, but I don't think this is something the CCTS would log and/or investigate unless you are getting little to no support from anyone at PM.

The main thing, was that I followed the instructions from a CS_Agent, which was to try the sim on a different handset, and I can't believe that would lead to a domino of issues, and when trying to log into the Self-Serve, The log in credentials failed

Deputy Mayor / Adjoint au Maire

Definitely very odd, I assume the CS Agents already asked about your phone model and such, to make sure it's even compatible with the PM service. There are phones that are just not compatible with PMs service. And I presume they already walked you through your phone settings to make sure the information input is correct (e.g. Settings -> Network/Internet -> Mobile Network -> Access Point Names) or even Preferred Network Type. Depending what phone you have the verbiage might be a little different.  If you haven't looked at these yet then I suggest you discuss that with the CS Agent as well, or google it (see examples below).

The handsets, the initial port, iphone 8


The handset that I had to insert the sim in to check if sim is a defect was a Note 6, Not samsung, it was this


Smartphone Unlocked Canada, Ulefone Note 6 Unlocked Dual SIM Phone, 3300mAh Battery Cell Phone, AI Camera 5MP+2MP Mobile Phone, 1GB+32GB Premium Android Phone(Red)

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 @makkahn28 : Was this porting into an existing account? Or a new activation port-in? As in, was the iphone working on PM before the port?

If activating then did you go in to About phone with wifi connected (not cell data) and check for updates with the PM SIM in?

The Ulefone should be fine for UMTS/HSPA.


Of course none of this explains why the accounts are suddenly inaccessible. Were you actually talking about the brief maintenance on the site?