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Error code 821 received during trying to activate a public mobile plan

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Hello, I'm having trouble setting up my friend, and activating her cell phone plan.... Ireceived this error.... 821... not sure what to do.... Thanks!


Mayor / Maire

Do not try to activate again! Check your payment card to see if your plan amount has been charged.

Try SIM in some other phone. That will determine if it is your phone hardware issue.

Usually 821 is missing/incorrect porting information. Your SIM card will need provisioning to your incomplete account activation. Send a private message to customer support with "incomplete activation" in the subject line and explain in detail your issue. Once the CSA sets it up correctly you will be able to finish your self serve account set up.

@AlexTait wrote:

Nope, got a new number, not porting, and didn't enter the Imei #

@AlexTait   that is new then. LoL


first make sure you check your credit card and PM didn't charge you , then try to use another browser and launch Incognito mode to try activation again.  There has been many errors from the different stages of the activation lately. But  incognito mode should work well

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Nope, got a new number, not porting, and didn't enter the Imei #

Mayor / Maire

@AlexTait   are you trying to port in your phone number, and did you enter your IMEI number as the porting information?


Error 821 is usually because you entered the IMEI number while the system of looking for Account number of your old provider instead.


Before you try to activate again, please wait 30 mins.  Then check your credit card to confirm PM has not charged you yet.  Once confirmed, you can try activation again but please provide the account number for the porting information


Welcome to PM  🙂

Mayor / Maire

@AlexTait - is she porting a number over from another provider? If so, has she entered her payment details yet?

If yes the SIM may be activated. Try it in a phone and see if there are any services.

Now put the old provider SIM back in so you can receive the text from the old provider.


  • Cell ports can take 2-3 hours. Use the previous provider's SIM card to receive the porting transfer text for approval to port over to Public Mobile and to receive calls from until port is complete.
  • Landline/voip ports can take 3+ days. Expect a mix of services on the landline and Public Mobile SIM card until port is complete.

When the incoming calls stop on the previous provider’s SIM card and/or landline/voip account, that is a good indication the port is complete.

If still issues, submit a ticket with Public Mobile representatives (CSA) for help; click this link for issues with transfer/porting of phone numbers over to Public Mobile.



If no information was entered in the payment section, back out of the activation pages, open a tab in incognito mode, then start the activation again.