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Great Neighbour / Super Voisin


when I want To log into the account on the website, always it takes about a minute or more to get to the part that shows the amount of data consumption or subscription usage, this is a disaster and I don't know where the problem is in your system, because you maybe use up-to-date equipments . also The public mobile application does not work most of the time, in my country, which is not as advanced as yours, it does not take even a second to enter the website or application related to the SIM card and see the data and conversation usage, I hope that you think about the customer a little bit .

Thanks you


Mayor / Maire

Hi @mrf47 

We are all customers here. Nobody from Public Mobile works here. You can vent all you want, nothing will ever change. Telus puts as less money as possible into Public Mobile to keep it cheap for everyone. I know it sucks saying that but it's true. The website is a tad slow, sure. The app is also a tad slow, sure. But eh, the price we pay for our packages are cheap and if Public Mobile doesn't want to improve their app or website, I could care less. As long as my phone works and I can make calls and text messages and have decent internet service and save me from paying high prices....  I could care less! 🙂  Let's see any of the BIG 3 out there have $25 unlimited Talk/Text 5GB plans. Nobody will. 

Mayor / Maire

Hi @mrf47 

yes, the EverSafe login takes a bit long.

you can try to clear your cache or try again using Incognit/Private/Secret mode on your browser, this will speed it if a bit

with the App, it is best to uninstall and reinstall the app and should helps to speed up a bit too


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