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Data issue

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

It's not the First time this happens, that my data  usage that Public mobile counts is way more than what my Cell Phone counts although the dates are the same for both. Does anyone know a Solution? I tried submitting a Ticket to get hold of a Service agent, but the chatbot is un available (not the first time;))



@Lena4  I usually find PM's data count is pretty accurate


I think you already confirmed that the cycle state date match on both cell and PM's cycle date?  remember PM does not start the cycle on the same day every month, it will move up one day after a 31 days month


and how much the discrepancy we are talking about?  100Mb?  or a lot more?  


and on My Account, you are based on the Usage showed on the Overview page or the Usage History page?  if you are using the Usage history page ( )  Please note that Filtering on Usage history page has a glitch and does not show everything after filter is applied.  So, the fix is to download the usage history in XLS and then use Excel to add them.  

Mayor / Maire

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